I’m introduced to the sugar community through GSoC, and my project is adding print support to the XO laptops in a teacher controlled environment (which is the primary case) and the secondary would be to see to it that even network printing can be done.

And as for me I am a 3rd year engineering student from Chennai, India. I was always fascinated by this feature:
hit a button and see the object on screen move, it always made me think I was supreme if in a constrained environment.

Though I want to pursue more Mathematical/statistical and pure computer science specific research areas in the future,
User Interfaces and networking have been two things that are very integral to a programmers life. So I would like to learn some awesome things in this area with this project of mine.



CUPS-PDF can print from virtually any format, provided we have the filter for it (i.e. one can convert that mime type/ format to PostScript)
And so it happens that there isn’t a filter made for ODF to PS made yet, but there is still hope. People have already provided tutorials on how to add filters to CUPS. For instance IBM’s DVI Filter
tutorial is pretty handy. And this post seems to be pretty in-depth Filter Guide

I have already been working on a filter for ODT, it doesnt quite do an efficient job, and I messed it up bigtime (For the time being)

So anyway, it does conversion like this( since abiword cant directly write PS out of odt (due to bug 11247? ) for the current version)

converts odt ->doc->ps. There is notable quality drop, but not major, the pictures look a bit blurred out, thats about it.
All the formats, rulers etc are the same.

I will GIT this up as soon as I finish this. Got these exams to contend with for the time being 😦

Hello world!

April 26, 2009

Hello, folks! Well here it is, the blog where I will be writing up all my updates on the project I am working on, i.e. Add Print Support to the XOs.

Well the proposal is now final Print Support

Thanks to homunq, aa, and bemasc for valuable input. Read will now be a victim of lot of abuse :p

And, I hope to work on moodle the first thing I am done with my exams which end on 7th. php is a new beast to me, so I need to fine tune myself to it. Although I have been hacking moodle a while back too, I still dont find enough confidence. Thankfully my mentor is good at it.

Thanks to ajuonline, who recommended wordpress.