The Printer Device Icon

June 23, 2009

The XS installation leached away almost a week of mine, the previous one I mean. And with moodle I have officially wasted 2 weeks, hence to avoid not being productive at all, I’ve decided to finish the sugar side asap, and at least get a working model done here soon:

After a kick start from Andres, and looking up D-BUS tutorials and the HAL spec,
and of course extracting source from system-config-printer, and hacking our own Network device icon, and volume device icon, I have written a Printer Device Icon
here is the code for it:

and here’s how it looks:

Feedback most welcome!


Moodle plan sketched!

June 9, 2009

Talking to Martin Langhoff had been VERY helpful, I now have an architecture to work on:

1)As pointed by Dave( thanks Dave), we already have implementation that sets a cookie and authenticates users courtesy the webactivity
And Martin had said auth/olpcxs/auth.php should yield good stuff on the implementation.
2) The two ways this would be integrated into moodle could be:
i) As a new tab under the moodle’s user page
ii) As a module under courses

Both have use-cases ,
for i) This can be a global event without any relevance to courses, so one wont have to really be in a course to use printing.
ii) having this within a course allows group management to be easy, and we could easily restrict which teacher gets to accept/reject printing for which student
I’m inclined towards ii) as implementation wise, and use-case wise that seems to have an upper hand.

Now to sketch a detailed plan for 3 weeks to come:

Authenticate myself, and send files under a specific user, via HTTP-POST vs XML-RPC.
Start building a skeleton for a new module under courses.

fill it with a print queue, based on cron.php. also in case a teacher logs in, have a print button when ever a printer is available.

fill it with anything else that is left. Get back to sugar part.

Also, so far my moodle expeditions only lead to a better undertsanding of how the system works.
Last week was adding a few more bug fixes to the print activity, and code- and-prune moodle side.
And mostly testing new theories.

So anyway since i have concrete goals this time, I should do this asap.
A detailed discussion can be found here: